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This logo design was part of a larger brand identity re-design headed by a small team for the Dorothy Rudzi Welfare Association. The client wanted to modernize her logo while maintaining its character and symbolism–Africa, community, and peace. 


After creating several concepts, conducting public surveys, and working with the rest of the design team, we arrived at the final product–bold colors to symbolize peace (purple) and the sun (yellow gold), the silhouette features two sets of triads –three people representing strength and balance in community, and soaring doves overhead representing peace and hope. The silhouette quality is somewhat rough/natural, evoking the heat of the sun and the ground is slightly sloped, creating a greater sense of earth below and adding to the overall asymmetrical balance of the logo.

DRudzi Ubuntu

Logo Re-design

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator

DRudzi Ubuntu
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